Nicola Spinelli





Member of Certified Public Accountants, Auditors and Advisors

of Rome, Civitavecchia and Velletri

with registration number: AA_007316.


He gained a sound professional experience (fiscal, corporate and contract services). In addition to the tasks assigned by the Civil Court of Velletri, mainly based on a corporate nature, he participated to business and business branches valuations when defining transfer pricing as expert witness. He carried out technical consulting activities in drafting sworn reports on business assets valuations, also as technical consultant witness. Many assignments related to business checkups carried out both on financial statement data and in head offices directly. In particular, his focus in on corporate comparisons within the wine industry. He organized and took part as author at seminars and conferences as well as he gave lectures within training professional courses organized by Pubblipromo srl.

  • He is accounting and tax consultant at “Società Tuscolana Servizi Srl” and in public companies within some Municipalities of Castelli Romani.
  • He helds the office of Statutory Auditor as well as other roles on behalf of both private companies and public authorities (Municipality of Frascati, Gal Colli Tuscolani, etc) and in several companies such as Edilcom Spa.
  • He is currently Chartered Auditor at the Municipality of Bellagra and Olevano Romano.
  • He carries out tax, financial and administrative consulting activities on behalf of “Consorzio Acquedotto Doganella” and “Consorzio Acquedotto Simbrivio”.
  • He is constantly involved with tax dispute settlement activities, specifically related to the collection of Local Taxes.
  • He collaborated with several companies: “Banfi srl”, “Conte Placido srl”,”Tenuta La Rosa srl”, “Cises Network spa”, “Giv Finanziaria spa”, “Centro Corrieri Campani srl”, “C.I.S.E.S. – Compagnia Italiana Spedizioni Espresse Speciali srl” and “Consorzio Interporto Roma Fiumicino spa”.
  • He collaborated with the weekly news “Il Corriere Vinicolo” (Italian Wine Union) publishing tax-related articles.



  • Member of Certified Public Accountants, Auditors and Advisors of Rome, Civitavecchia and Velletri with registration number: AA_007316


  • Degree in Business & Economics at “Tor Vergata” University – Rome

  • Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants, published in the Official Journal n. 60, 30 July 2002
  • Member of the Technical Consultants register of the Civil Court of Velletri, since 2002.
  • Member of the Penal Experts register of the Courthouse of Velletri.
  • Registered at the Insolvency administrators’ List held at the Courthouse of Velletri.